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Italian citizenship by descent is a process that allows individuals to gain Italian citizenship if they can prove their descent from an Italian citizen. This is also known as jure sanguinis, or “right of blood” in Latin, and it is the most common way for people to gain Italian citizenship.

Many descendants of Italian citizens naturally get caught up in the excitement of becoming Italian citizens themselves. They quickly envision themselves soaking up the sun on the Italian Riviera, living “La Dolce Vita” in Rome or renovating a house “Under the Tuscan Sun”. Unfortunately, the red tape — the hardest part of acquiring citizenship, is often underestimated.

Before you invest your time and hard-earned cash to try to obtain the many documents required to become an Italian citizen, you should ask yourself a simple question: Should I hire an experienced professional to assist me? As I have noted, this question often confuses wannabe citizens, so we are going to clarify things for you. However, before we discuss what to expect when it comes to dual citizenship, let’s first talk about why hiring a specialist is your best bet.

Getting started with Italian Citizenship

There are different ways you could go about acquiring citizenship. The internet may recommend some. Additionally, your Italian friends could be familiar with other solutions. Although their suggestions could be fine, they also might have someone else’s situation in mind instead of yours.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy expert, why not consider someone who works and lives in Italy? Someone who knows the rules, and can be accountable when difficulties arise? In other words, why not invest in a dual citizenship specialist?

Why you should consider having Italian Citizenship

Becoming an Italian citizen can be complicated. In essence, your citizenship application will be based on proof that all ancestors have maintained, and thereby passed on, their Italian citizenship. A dual citizenship specialist will know the best way to prove this. He or she will also have a real-life understanding of the issues you face in obtaining the documents. A local agent also outweighs larger companies in several ways:

Knowledge of the matter

They have an unmatched knowledge of the matter.

Dual citizenship experts understand the dual citizenship issues that can arise. For example, the different scenarios where you might qualify for Italian citizenship based on your great grandparents or other Italian ancestors who were born in Italy.

Local experience is key

Local experience is a big plus for dual citizenship specialists.

Dual citizenship professionals are aware of regional differences and subtleties, giving them an edge over companies that may be located in other countries. Dual agents that work and live in Italy undoubtedly provide distinctly personalized services to foreigners seeking to acquire Italian citizenship.

Adding that personal touch

The customer service that comes with a local dual citizenship agent is unique. As a result, many customers find themselves developing a strong, personal relationship with citizenship specialists.

If your specialist understands your needs and preferences, all it takes is a 2-minute phone call with him to resolve a matter.

If information is incorrect, a specialist calls you and doesn’t let the request for an important document sit while new information is obtained. He tries to find that information himself.

Phone interactions

When it comes to choosing dual citizenship experts, the ability to discuss issues over the phone is definitely a big plus.

Basically, having someone that you can talk to personally is always an advantage. It helps you “check out” the agent, something really important when you have an issue. If and when it happens, it’s good to be able to call and discuss the issue and have a dual advocate on your side.

Do it yourself is not always cheaper

Many applicants think that doing it on their own will save them money, but will it save them time?

Put yourself to the test. Try to gather the documentation and you will find something interesting. There’s very little information on how to obtain the required documents and virtually no information on how long it takes. The websites basically mention some steps… but what if my case is different?

Direct contact and References

Online reviews may be reliable and a good place to start. However, speaking directly to the agent is definitely the best solution. A dual citizenship specialist will be glad to address all of your concerns before you begin your journey.

Don’t just be a number

As discussed earlier, dual citizenship agents usually have a more personal relationship with their clients. Choosing a large agency will give you the same scripted responses based on your account number instead of an actual name.

To clarify, ask yourself, “Do you prefer dealing with someone who refers to you by your ID number? Or would you rather interact with an independent expert who understands your unique needs? Someone who can explain the process and find the best solution?”

What are the benefits of having Italian Citizenship?

By having a Dual agent, you get several value-boosting options:

You’re not alone: Pick an agent who has experience. If a problem arises in an application, like a document issue, that agent will do what it takes to keep the process moving.
You’re investing in a local business: Picking a local agent can save you money, as they often have fewer expenses. Dual agents go the extra mile when a difficulty arises. They seek to satisfy their clients’ needs and concerns.
You will have an advisor: Your application was rejected, and you wonder what to do next. Do you need a Dual citizenship agency that won’t take advantage of you? You want to plan you marriage in Italy. Or looking to pass on your newly acquired citizenship to your children. Your dual citizenship agent can review this with you.

What specific advice should you accept from your citizenship specialist?

The whole process. Choose a trusted agent with excellent online reviews or as a referral from someone you know. Find a specialist that focuses on what’s important to you, explains your application’s requirements, and discusses the pros and cons of certain options.

Which decisions are best left to your citizenship specialist?

None. Deciding to acquire a new citizenship is a very personal decision. It depends on where you live, your age, familial status, life experiences, and several other personal circumstances. Only you know what’s best for you. Work with your specialist to understand your needs, and together you will make a good selection on which options you choose.

Make sure to raise the following questions and topics with your agent:

  • What does my fee include? What doesn’t it include?
  • Do I qualify?
  • What’s the difference between applying in the US and in Italy?
  • Make sure you’re getting the correct documentation (Basic Form, Broad Form)
  • Which preventive actions can reduce the wait?
  • How are my children affected?
  • Do I have to start paying taxes to Italy?
  • Which Italian consulate has jurisdiction in your area?
  • How can I save by combining applications?
  • When do I schedule an appointment with the consulate?

The Bottom Line

Don’t settle for bigger, online-based, citizenship companies. By choosing to partner with a dual citizenship agent, you’re investing in a local business, but you’re also choosing a more personal experience. Dual Citizenship agents are often more knowledgeable about the specifics of your case and the paperwork you need. They will give you the best price, and will always greet you with a genuine hello and called by name. Don’t waste your time with citizenship companies that know you as an account number and use standard calculations that give you a standard treatment. Use this contact form to request an estimate about my dual citizenship service today.

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