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If you know the town where your Italian ancestors came from, don't wait any longer! In this article, we explain how to find their important vital records from the 1800s and early 1900s.


Yes, it’s possible! You can still locate your ancestor’s Italian birth certificate and many other records for that matter. Throughout history, many countries have recorded their citizens’ important life events such as births, deaths, and marriages through a process called Civil Registration. Thankfully, during the 1800s, many Italian municipalities under Napoleonic rule adopted it. Today, descendants of Italian immigrants can call themselves lucky as these records have proven an invaluable resource in learning more about their family’s history. Now, what if we told you that the majority of these documents are available online and that digital copies are easily downloadable at no cost to you?

First things first

Before you get too excited let’s talk about the first important requirement: knowing the town of origin of your ancestors or the location of the events you want to investigate. Because only a fraction of the records are indexed, searching by name only may not get you very far. And resorting to Plan B means browsing through tons of documents, one page at a time. Fortunately, you can find your ancestor’s town of origin by searching through US immigration files hosted at the Ellis Island Passenger Search database. These have been all indexed and are freely available online. Involving your extended family is another option. In other words, take some time to interview your older relatives and have them go through their heirlooms. Sometimes, all you need is an old photograph with an annotation describing its location or the store that developed it.

What’s math got to do with an Italian birth certificate?

If you need to determine an event’s date, try applying some math and logic. For example, adding 18 years to a male’s birth date will usually get you close to his marriage date, and 16 years for females. If there are no results, search backward and forward a few years. Children were usually born within the first year of marriage, so finding one child should lead you to the other siblings, and eventually to the couple’s marriage.

Basics facts about an Italian birth certificate

Three different sections classify Italian birth certificates based on the historical period in which they were produced: before 1866, between 1866 and 1912, and after 1912.

  • Stato Civile Napoleonico (Napoleonic civil registration)
  • Stato Civile della Restaurazione (Civil registration of the restoration)
  • Stato Civile Italiano (Italian civil registration)

Let’s see each of these in more detail:

Stato Civile Napoleonico (1805-1815)

During this very brief period, civil registration was mandatory in the different parts of Italy under Napoleonic rule (click on the map below to see it in more detail). The initial date for each area depends upon when its annexation. For example, the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies began civil record-keeping as early as 1805. Unfortunately, this process did not take place in areas not under Napoleonic rule, and in other cases, it ended once the French lost power. The technique consisted of having local clerks and officials narrate the facts using handwritten paragraphs with pre-established language or filling out pre-printed forms with the important details about the event.

Map of Europe, 1812 CE (© Alexander Altenhof, Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0)

Stato Civile della Restaurazione (1815-1866)

After Napoleon’s defeat, Italy was once again split into independent kingdoms and duchies. Most Comuni in southern Italy continued using the civil registration process, while others, mainly in northern Italy, discontinued it. At the time, the Roman Catholic church had a very strong influence all over Italy, and civil records were cross-referenced to church recordings. For example, birth records included annotations showing that the event had been reported to the church, which, in return, confirmed that the child had been baptized. In other cases, military conscription used extracts from church records. Records from this period can appear either in printed forms or in paragraphs.

Stato Civile Italiano (1866-present day)

The most recent period of civil registration began in 1866 and continues up to this day. As mentioned earlier, some years before, the Kingdom of Italy annexed the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies and some of the northern states. Other areas joined later on, so this type of record-keeping started at a later date. In sharp contrast with the past, from 1866 onwards the Roman Catholic Church was divested of much of its power. As a consequence, civil authorities did not consider baptisms as proof of birth, nor were religious marriages recognized as legal marriages. This meant that children of couples married only by the Church were considered illegitimate until registered by the state. Different record formats existed during these years, ranging from handwritten paragraphs to printed forms.

Locating an Italian birth certificate on the “Antenati” website

The Italian “Ministero della Cultura” (Ministry of Culture) has been hosting a free dedicated website for several years now. Eventually, this will hold all of the digitized images of all duplicate Italian civil registration records which by law have been sent to the State Archives, grouped by Province and Comune. The website is known as “Portale Antenati” (Ancestors Portal). If your province does not appear yet, just check back often, as more records are added periodically.

Searching the records for an Italian birth certificate

From the main page, you can see that there are two options: Search registries or Search by name. We explain the differences below:

Search registries

This type of search will help you get closer to the event by filtering the material with the following fields:

  • Location
    • This is the most important one, as it limits the records of the town you are searching for. As you type the letters of the Comune, an updated list of possible names appears just below the field. Click on the one with the closest spelling.
  • Year
    • To further limit the number of results, you may enter the “Year” of the event in the “Year” field. If you want a range of years, click on the arrow on the right (“v“) contained within the same field. Then, use the slider to select a range of years, moving the buttons back and forth. The actual selected values will appear in the fields on each side.
  • Typology
    • If you want to search for a specific type of record, enter its Italian name in this field. For example, by typing “Nati“, you will see all of the available options for birth records. Select the one that closely matches what you are looking for.

For all possible choices and their translations, use the following table. Keep in mind that aside from the general “Nati” (Births), “Matrimoni” (Marriages), and “Morti” (Deaths), other options are not always available for each location.

If you want thisenter this
Register of the populationAnagrafe della popolazione
Register of the population, indexAnagrafe della popolazione, indice
Office RecordsAtti d'Ufficio
Records of power of attorneyAtti di procura
Census, 1808-1814 (A_D)Censimento, 1808-1814 (A_D)
Census, 1808-1814 (E-L)Censimento, 1808-1814 (E-L)
Census, 1808-1814 (R-Z)Censimento, 1808-1814 (R-Z)
Census, indexCensimento, indice
Citizenships supplementsCittadinanze allegati
Citizenships, Ten-year indexesCittadinanze, Indici decennali
Citizenships, supplementsCittadinanze, allegati
Citizenships, indexCittadinanze, indice
Citizenships, ten-year indexesCittadinanze, indici decennali
Citizenships, five-year indexesCittadinanze, indici quinquennali
Citizenships, twenty-year indexesCittadinanze, indici ventennali
Citizenships-Deaths, supplementsCittadinanze-Morti, allegati
Citizenships-Publications-Marriages-Deaths, supplementsCittadinanze-Pubblicazioni-Matrimoni-Morti, allegati
Italian citizens born, died, married in foreign countriesCittadini italiani nati, morti, sposati in paesi stranieri
Miscellaneous, adoptions supplementsDiversi, adozioni allegati
Miscellaneous, supplementsDiversi, allegati
Miscellaneous, change of surnamesDiversi, cambiamenti di cognomi
Miscellaneous, change of place of residenceDiversi, cambiamenti di domicilio
Miscellaneous, indexDiversi, indice
Miscellaneous, ten-year indexesDiversi, indici decennali
Miscellaneous, marriages outside of the place of usual residenceDiversi, matrimoni fuori domicilio
Miscellaneous, deaths outside of the place of usual residenceDiversi, morti fuori domicilio
Miscellaneous, deaths birthsDiversi, morti nati
Miscellaneous, births deathsDiversi, nati morti
Miscellaneous, corrections supplementsDiversi, rettificazioni allegati
Miscellaneous, acknowledgmentsDiversi, ricognizioni
Miscellaneous, recognitions supplementsDiversi, risconoscimenti allegati
Lists of marriagesElenchi dei matrimoni
Marriages ListElenco Matrimoni
Deaths ListElenco Morti
Births ListElenco Nati
List of individuals (males, ages 18-55)Elenco degli individui (maschi, anni 18-55)
List of birthsElenco delle nascite
Estense AppraisalEstimo Estense
Family SheetsFogli di famiglia
Family SheetFoglio di famiglia
Genealogies of families from Mantua (A)Genealogie di famiglie mantovane (A)
Genealogies of families from Mantua (B-C)Genealogie di famiglie mantovane (B-C)
Genealogies of families from Mantua (C)Genealogie di famiglie mantovane (C)
Genealogies of families from Mantua (D-G)Genealogie di famiglie mantovane (D-G)
Genealogies of families from Mantua (G-O)Genealogie di famiglie mantovane (G-O)
Genealogies of families from Mantua (P-S)Genealogie di famiglie mantovane (P-S)
Genealogies of families from Mantua (S-Z; A)Genealogie di famiglie mantovane (S-Z; A)
Genealogies of families from Mantua (S-Z; A)(2)Genealogie di famiglie mantovane (S-Z; A)(2)
Justice of the Peace RulingsGiudizi del Conciliatore
Index of births, marriages, deathsIndice dei nati, matrimoni, morti
Index of the births, marriage publications and objections, marriages, deaths registersIndice dei registri dei nati, matrimoni pubblicazioni e opposizioni, matrimoni, morti
Index of the births, marriages, deaths registersIndice dei registri dei nati, matrimoni, morti
Index of the births, publications, marriages, deaths registersIndice dei registri dei nati, pubblicazioni, matrimoni, morti
Index of the births, marriages, deaths registersIndice dei registri di nati, matrimoni, morti
Index marriagesIndice matrimoni
Index deathsIndice morti
Index deaths, births, marriagesIndice morti, nati, matrimoni
Index birthsIndice nati
Index births marriages deathsIndice nati matrimoni morti
Index births, marriages, deathsIndice nati, matrimoni, morti
Civil Registry InventoryInventario Stato Civile
Marriages (hebrew)Matrimoni (ebraici)
Marriages and Citizenships, supplementsMatrimoni e Cittadinanze, allegati
Marriages and DivorcesMatrimoni e Divorzi
Marriages and Divorces, indexMatrimoni e Divorzi, indice
Marriages and Deaths, indexMatrimoni e Morti, indice
Marriages and Announcements, supplementsMatrimoni e Pubblicazioni, allegati
Marriages and SupplementsMatrimoni ed Allegati
Marriages announcements and objectionsMatrimoni pubblicazioni e opposizioni
Marriages, Impediment documentsMatrimoni, Documenti d'impedimenti
Marriages, IndexMatrimoni, Indice
Marriages, Marriages, announcements supplementsMatrimoni, Matrimoni, pubblicazioni allegati
Marriages, AnnouncementsMatrimoni, Pubblicazioni
Marriages, Announcements SupplementsMatrimoni, Pubblicazioni Allegati
Marriages, Announcements supplementsMatrimoni, Pubblicazioni allegati
Marriages, Announcements and objectionsMatrimoni, Pubblicazioni ed opposizioni
Marriages, supplementsMatrimoni, allegati
Marriages, notesMatrimoni, annotazioni
Marriages, divorcesMatrimoni, divorzi
Marriages, ecclesiasticalMatrimoni, ecclesiastici
Marriages, ecclesiastical notesMatrimoni, ecclesiastici annotazioni
Marriages, indexMatrimoni, indice
Marriages, index (males)Matrimoni, indice (maschi)
Marriages, ten-year indexMatrimoni, indice decennale
Marriages, four-year indexMatrimoni, indice quadriennale
Marriages, four-year index (A-G)Matrimoni, indice quadriennale (A-G)
Marriages, four-year index (G-Z)Matrimoni, indice quadriennale (G-Z)
Marriages, two-year indexesMatrimoni, indici biennali
Marriages, ten-year indexesMatrimoni, indici decennali
Marriages, ten-year indexes (A-V)Matrimoni, indici decennali (A-V)
Marriages, ten-year indexes (V-Z)Matrimoni, indici decennali (V-Z)
Marriages, ten-year indexes (females)Matrimoni, indici decennali (femmine)
Marriages, ten-year indexes (males)Matrimoni, indici decennali (maschi)
Marriages, four-year indexesMatrimoni, indici quadriennali
Marriages, five-year indexesMatrimoni, indici quinquennali
Marriages, thirty-year indexesMatrimoni, indici trentennali
Marriages, three-year indexesMatrimoni, indici triennali
Marriages, twenty-year indexesMatrimoni, indici ventennali
Marriages, memorandumMatrimoni, memorandum
Marriages, memorandum notificationsMatrimoni, memorandum notificazioni
Marriages, memorandum notifications and objectionsMatrimoni, memorandum notificazioni ed opposizioni
Marriages, notificationsMatrimoni, notificazioni
Marriages, notifications supplementsMatrimoni, notificazioni allegati
Marriages, notifications and objectionsMatrimoni, notificazioni ed opposizioni
Marriages, objectionsMatrimoni, opposizioni
Marriages, processettiMatrimoni, processetti
Marriages, announcement supplementsMatrimoni, pubblicazione allegati
Marriages, announcementsMatrimoni, pubblicazioni
Marriages, announcements SupplementsMatrimoni, pubblicazioni allegatI
Marriages, announcements supplementsMatrimoni, pubblicazioni allegati
Marriages, announcements and objectionsMatrimoni, pubblicazioni e opposizioni
Marriages, announcements and objections indexMatrimoni, pubblicazioni e opposizioni indice
Marriages, announcements and objectionsMatrimoni, pubblicazioni ed opposizioni
Marriages, announcements and objections indexMatrimoni, pubblicazioni ed opposizioni indice
Marriages, announcements and objections, supplementsMatrimoni, pubblicazioni ed opposizioni, allegati
Marriages, announcements indexMatrimoni, pubblicazioni indice
Marriages, announcements ten-year indexesMatrimoni, pubblicazioni indici decennali
Marriages, requests indexMatrimoni, richieste indice
Marriages,memorandume notificationsMatrimoni,memorandumenotificazioni
Marriages,memorandum notifications and objectionsMatrimoni,memorandumnotificazioniedopposizioni
Marriages,notifications and objectionsMatrimoni,notificazioniedopposizioni
Marriages-Citizenships, supplementsMatrimoni-Cittadinanze, allegati
Marriages-Citizenships-Deaths, supplementsMatrimoni-Cittadinanze-Morti, allegati
Marriages-Marriages, processettiMatrimoni-Matrimoni, processetti
Marriages-Deaths supplementsMatrimoni-Morti allegati
Marriages-Deaths, supplementsMatrimoni-Morti, allegati
Marriages-Deaths, notesMatrimoni-Morti, annotazioni
Marriages-Deaths, ten-year indexesMatrimoni-Morti, indici decennali
Marriages-Births, supplementsMatrimoni-Nati, allegati
Marriages-Announcements, supplementsMatrimoni-Pubblicazioni, allegati
Marriagesal, announcements supplementsMatrimonial, pubblicazioni allegati
Marriages, ten-year indexesMatrmoni, indici decennali
Deaths (hebrew)Morti (ebraici)
Deaths (females)Morti (femmine)
Deaths (males)Morti (maschi)
Deaths and MarriagesMorti e Matrimoni
Deaths, IndexMorti, Indice
Deaths, supplementsMorti, allegati
Deaths, notesMorti, annotazioni
Deaths, notes of deathMorti, annotazioni di morte
Deaths, parish recordsMorti, atti parrochiali
Deaths, choleraMorti, colera
Deaths, declarationsMorti, dichiarazioni
Deaths, otherMorti, diversi
Deaths, foundlingsMorti, esposti
Deaths, foreignMorti, esteri
Deaths, indexMorti, indice
Deaths, index (females)Morti, indice (femmine)
Deaths, index (males)Morti, indice (maschi)
Deaths, four-year indexMorti, indice quadriennale
Deaths, indexesMorti, indici
Deaths, two-year indexesMorti, indici biennali
Deaths, fifty-year indexesMorti, indici cinquantennali
Deaths, ten-year indexesMorti, indici decennali
Deaths, ten-year indexes (A-C)Morti, indici decennali (A-C)
Deaths, ten-year indexes (females)Morti, indici decennali (femmine)
Deaths, ten-year indexes (males)Morti, indici decennali (maschi)
Deaths, four-year indexesMorti, indici quadriennali
Deaths, five-year indexesMorti, indici quinquennali
Deaths, thirty-year indexesMorti, indici trentennali
Deaths, three-year indexesMorti, indici triennali
Deaths, twenty-year indexesMorti, indici ventennali
Deaths, twentyfive-year indexesMorti, indici venticiquennali
Deaths, individuals not TuscanMorti, individui non Toscani
Deaths, marriages, indexMorti, matrimoni, indice
Deaths, militaryMorti, militari
Deaths, hospitalMorti, ospedale
Deaths, military hospitalMorti, ospedale militare
Deaths, hospitalsMorti, ospedali
Deaths, military hospitalsMorti, ospedali militari
Deaths, burialMorti, sepoltura
Deaths, burialsMorti, sepolture
Deaths, earthquakeMorti, terremoto
Movement of the populationMovimento della popolazione
Births (hebrew)Nati (ebraici)
Births and AdotionsNati e Adozioni
Births and Marriages, indexNati e Matrimoni, indice
Births and DeathsNati e Morti
Births and Deaths, extractsNati e Morti, estratti
Births and Deaths, indexNati e Morti, indice
Births foundlingsNati esposti
Births deaths, indexNati morti, indice
Births, IndexNati, Indice
Births, Marriages and DeathsNati, Matrimoni e Morti
Births, Marriages and Deaths, indexNati, Matrimoni e Morti, indice
Births, Marriages and Deaths, ten-year indexesNati, Matrimoni e Morti, indici decennali
Births, Announcements, Marriages and DeathsNati, Pubblicazioni, Matrimoni e Morti
Births, supplementsNati, allegatI
Births, supplementsNati, allegati
Births, supplements (hebrew)Nati, allegati (ebraici)
Births, notesNati, annotazioni
Births, baptismsNati, battesimi
Births, baptisms (males)Nati, battesimi (maschi)
Births, baptisms (males, list of the parishes)Nati, battesimi (maschi, elenco delle parrocchie)
Births, baptisms foundlingsNati, battesimi esposti
Births, baptisms foundlings (males)Nati, battesimi esposti (maschi)
Births, baptisms indexNati, battesimi indice
Births, baptisms-Marriages, processettiNati, battesimi-Matrimoni, processetti
Births, declarationsNati, dichiarazioni
Births, foundlingsNati, esposti
Births, foundlings supplementsNati, esposti allegati
Births, foundlings indexNati, esposti indice
Births, indexNati, indice
Births, index four-yearNati, indice quadriennale
Births, indexesNati, indici
Births, ten-year indexesNati, indici decennali
Births, ten-year indexes (A-C)Nati, indici decennali (A-C)
Births, ten-year indexes (C-Z)Nati, indici decennali (C-Z)
Births, ten-year indexes (females)Nati, indici decennali (femmine)
Births, ten-year indexes (males)Nati, indici decennali (maschi)
Births, indexes four-yearNati, indici quadriennali
Births, indexes five-yearNati, indici quinquennali
Births, indexes thirty-yearNati, indici trentennali
Births, indexes three-yearNati, indici triennali
Births, indexes twenty-yearNati, indici ventennali
Births, marriages and deaths indexNati, matrimoni e morti indice
Births, marriages indexNati, matrimoni indice
Births, marriages, indexNati, matrimoni, indice
Births, marriages, deaths, indexNati, matrimoni, morti, indice
Births, deaths indexNati, morti indice
Births, deaths, indexNati, morti, indice
Births, deaths, marriages indexNati, morti, matrimoni indice
Births, deaths, marriages, indexNati, morti, matrimoni, indice
Births, foundlingsNati, trovati
Births-Citizenships, supplementsNati-Cittadinanze, allegati
Births-Citizenships-Deaths, supplementsNati-Cittadinanze-Morti, allegati
Births-Miscellaneous-Marriages, supplementsNati-Diversi-Matrimoni, allegati
Births-Marriages, supplementsNati-Matrimoni, allegati
Births-Marriages, ten-year indexesNati-Matrimoni, indici decennali
Births-Marriages-Cittadianze, supplementsNati-Matrimoni-Cittadianze, allegati
Births-Marriages-Citizenships, supplementsNati-Matrimoni-Cittadinanze, allegati
Births-Marriages-Citizenships-Deaths, supplementsNati-Matrimoni-Cittadinanze-Morti, allegati
Births-Marriages-Citizenships-Deaths, indexNati-Matrimoni-Cittadinanze-Morti, indice
Births-Marriages-Citizenships-Deaths, ten-year indexesNati-Matrimoni-Cittadinanze-Morti, indici decennali
Births-Marriages-Deaths, Marriages, supplementsNati-Matrimoni-Morti, Matrimoni, allegati
Births-Marriages-Deaths, supplementsNati-Matrimoni-Morti, allegati
Births-Marriages-Deaths, indexNati-Matrimoni-Morti, indice
Births-Marriages-Deaths, indexesNati-Matrimoni-Morti, indici
Births-Marriages-Deaths, ten-year indexesNati-Matrimoni-Morti, indici decennali
Births-Marriages-Deaths, indexes thirty-yearNati-Matrimoni-Morti, indici trentennali
Births-Marriages-Deaths, indexes three-yearNati-Matrimoni-Morti, indici triennali
Births-Marriages-Deaths, supplementary listsNati-Matrimoni-Morti, liste suppletorie
Births-Marriages-Deaths-Citizenships, indexNati-Matrimoni-Morti-Cittadinanze, indice
Births-Marriages-Deaths-Citizenships, ten-year indexesNati-Matrimoni-Morti-Cittadinanze, indici decennali
Births-Marriages-Deaths-Miscellaneous, supplementary listsNati-Matrimoni-Morti-Diversi, liste suppletorie
Births-Marriages-Announcements-Deaths, ten-year indexesNati-Matrimoni-Pubblicazioni-Morti, indici decennali
Births-Deaths, supplementsNati-Morti, allegati
Births-Deaths, supplements (hebrew)Nati-Morti, allegati (ebraici)
Births-Deaths, indexNati-Morti, indice
Births-Deaths, ten-year indexesNati-Morti, indici decennali
Births-Deaths-Citizenships, supplementsNati-Morti-Cittadinanze, allegati
Births-Deaths-Citizenships, ten-year indexesNati-Morti-Cittadinanze, indici decennali
Births-Announcements supplementsNati-Pubblicazioni allegati
Births-Announcements, supplementsNati-Pubblicazioni, allegati
Births-Announcements-Marriages, supplementsNati-Pubblicazioni-Matrimoni, allegati
Births-Announcements-Marriages-Citizenships, supplementsNati-Pubblicazioni-Matrimoni-Cittadinanze, allegati
Births-Announcements-Marriages-Citizenships-Deaths, supplementsNati-Pubblicazioni-Matrimoni-Cittadinanze-Morti, allegati
Births-Announcements-Marriages-Citizenships-Deaths, ten-year indexesNati-Pubblicazioni-Matrimoni-Cittadinanze-Morti, indici decennali
Births-Announcements-Marriages-Deaths, supplementsNati-Pubblicazioni-Matrimoni-Morti, allegati
Births-Announcements-Marriages-Deaths, indexNati-Pubblicazioni-Matrimoni-Morti, indice
Births-Announcements-Marriages-Deaths-Citizenships, ten-year indexesNati-Pubblicazioni-Matrimoni-Morti-Cittadinanze, indici decennali
Births-Announcements-Deaths, supplementsNati-Pubblicazioni-Morti, allegati
Births-marriages-deaths, supplementsNati-matrimoni-morti, allegati
Announcements, supplementsPubblicazioni, allegati
Announcements-Citizenships, supplementsPubblicazioni-Cittadinanze, allegati
Announcements-Marriages, supplementsPubblicazioni-Matrimoni, allegati
Announcements-Marriages-Citizenships, supplementsPubblicazioni-Matrimoni-Cittadinanze, allegati
Announcements-Marriages-Citizenships-Deaths, supplementsPubblicazioni-Matrimoni-Cittadinanze-Morti, allegati
Announcements-Marriages-Deaths, supplementsPubblicazioni-Matrimoni-Morti, allegati
Announcements-Deaths, supplementsPubblicazioni-Morti, allegati
Register of emigrantsRegistro degli emigrati
Register of immigrantsRegistro degli immigrati
Register of populationRegistro di popolazione
General Register of records and certificates released by the civil records officeRegistro generale degli atti e dei certificati rilasciati dall'ufficio dello stato civile
Register for collection of civil registration dutiesRegistro per riscossioni diritti di stato civile
Reports of deathRelazioni di morte
Corrections, supplementsRettifiche, allegati
Administrative SummariesRiassunti amministrativi
General Role of the PopulationRuolo Generale della Popolazione
General Role of the Population (males, list of the parishes)Ruolo Generale della Popolazione (maschi, elenco delle parrocchie)
Role of the PopulationRuolo della Popolazione
Family SituationsSituazioni di famiglia
Stato of the marriagesStato dei matrimoni
State of the birthsStato dei nati
State of the birthsStato delle nascite
Summary Tables of births, deaths, marriagesTabelle riassuntive sui nati, morti, matrimoni
Alphabetical Table of birthsTavola alfabetica delle nascite
Table of birthsTavola delle nascite
Various, SupplementsVari, Allegati
Various, supplementsVari, allegati
Various, notesVari, annotazioni
Various, extractsVari, estratti
Various, indexesVari, indici
Verbali-verifiche, four-monthsVerbali-verifiche, quadrimestrali
List of all typologies which can be selected in the Antenati website.

Registries with nominatives

The website indicates that by checking “Registries with nominatives” search results will only include indexed registers. In this case, it’s much easier to find a person by using the type of search explained below.

Search by name

This type of search only includes indexed records. Just a very small portion of the total. Keep in mind that if you do not find your ancestor with this type of search, it does not mean the records aren’t available. It just means that the name is probably not present in the indexes and you will have to search for it by browsing the images. Luckily, many volunteers donate their time for this ongoing indexing effort and so more records will be available periodically.

This type of search has four fields:

  • Name
    • First Name of the person you are searching for
  • Surname
    • Last Name of the person you are searching for
  • Location
    • This field filters the records by the town you are searching for. If you want to further refine the search you can click on the arrow “v” on the right. This will open up two more fields to enter information about the “Place of birth” and “Place of death” to obtain more precise results.
  • Year
    • If you want to further refine the search you can click on the arrow “v” on the right. This will open up two more fields to enter information about a possible range of years for the “Year of birth“, to obtain more precise results. Enter either value in the boxes or use the slider to adjust the years.

Once you are done entering the information, click on “Search” and wait a couple of seconds to view the results.


The results list allows you to filter the results even further, or access the records directly by clicking on the “View the register” button. To interpret the documents, refer to the Italian genealogical word list, found at

This concludes part 1. We hope you will have fun searching for your relative’s Italian birth certificate, or similar document, through the books. If you want to know even more tricks on how to find the records you need, look out for my upcoming posts on this subject.

If you need help, please use this contact form for a free consultation about locating the records you need to extend your family lines.

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