Would you like to know more about how Italy Research’s genealogy research services can help you with your project? Then, contact us for a free estimate today! 

Knowing the local language, resources, and customs, I can help you find important documents about your ancestors. Direct from the Italian State, Diocesan, and Parish archives. This information will help narrate your family’s fascinating stories throughout the centuries. Your quote will depend on the initial amount and quality of information you supply. Also, on any special requests, such as focusing on an ancestor’s military career, creating a personal webpage with the results, etc. Finally, I take into account specific details about the project itself such as the translation of Latin documents, etc. 

Research plans include many features such as:

  • Ongoing updates as research progress
  • A research journal detailing all steps taken in the research process
  • A final report, detailing the findings
  • All source citations
  • Copies of all images, documents, and other evidence uncovered

You may also contact us to inquire about our other services such as planning a Heritage Tour to visit your ancestral homeland, locating a long-lost cousin, gaining citizenship, identifying heirs, etc. 

Of course, filling in the form will not commit you to anything. I will only start after receiving your go-ahead and your agreement on the cost. Please send me as much information as you have about your ancestors in the form below. I will then send you a research proposal within a matter of days. We can then discuss your options and choose the best project for your needs. I will also address your questions or concerns, once the project is underway. However, please keep in mind that every project is unique and specific results cannot always be guaranteed.



Available upon request


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