Choose among our many Italian Genealogy Research Services and find the packages that best fit your needs! Start with a small project and extend it further, based on the findings, or go with the full-service package and let us discover as much as we can. In any case, you can still review and discuss the findings, as the research progresses. For more details, please reach out through the contact form.

• Genealogy •


A perfect way to start your journey! Send us your ancestor’s full name, birth date and birthplace and your research objectives. We will prepare a preliminary research plan showing which resources are available and which are the most promising together with a timeline describing what to expect while the project is underway.


Growing Leaves - 640x427


If you want to grow your tree with a single goal in mind, this package is for you! It includes 10 hours of research and a 5-page final report. Does not include records prior to the unification of Italy of 1866 (1871 for the Veneto region).

US $499

Bonsai Tree - 640x601


Build on your existing tree to expand it even further! This package includes 20 hours of research and a 10-page final report with all the findings. You may select two main goals plus an optional minor goal, such as validating your present family tree, focusing on military service, etc.

US $999



Reach new heights with our premium package, which includes 30 hours of research and a 15-page final report with all the findings. Choose four main goals and optionally, two minor goals such as tree validation, military service, religious sacraments, house history, etc.

US $1499

• Citizenship •
Italian Dual Citizenship Assistance


We will search for one Italian record. Includes US $50 postage for express courier service to your address.Note: Italian American dual citizenship will not affect your current US citizenship. You can simultaneously hold both passports and have dual citizenship, and you won’t have to pay taxes on any income you earn outside of Italy.

US $100

Italian Dual Citizenship Assistance


Our services include whatever it takes to get your application going, such as locating records, performing research on your family line, etc.

US $50 Per hour plus expenses



Short on time? Take this custom designed, self-guided, one-day tour to visit your ancestral village. If desired, we will even do our best to locate some of your long-lost family members. May optionally include hiring an English-speaking guide.

FROM US $300


Spend three days roaming around the region where your family came from. This custom-designed, self-guided tour will encompass your ancestral village and the surrounding area. You will visit the Town Hall and the parish where your ancestors' records are still kept, experience the local history, savor the regional cuisine and optionally meet your present-day relatives. May optionally include hiring an English-speaking guide.

FROM US $900


We will create a seven-day, self-guided, custom-tour, explaining in detail what to see and experience. You will visit Italy at its best, and above-all, at your own pace. The tour can include trips to your ancestral villages or any tourist destination. We will also assist you with finding accommodations and hiring an English-speaking guide.

FROM US $1499